Matt Millsap

PhD (expected 2019)
Advisor: Thomas Kidd
Research Interests: My general area of interest is eighteenth-century religious and intellectual history with a focus on the “catholick” Congregationalists of Boston, Massachusetts. I most enjoy researching how transatlantic networks and cross-cultural interactions shaped Christian theology and practice in Colonial and Revolutionary America.
Education: B.A., History, University of Central Arkansas; M.A., History, University of Central Arkansas
Awards/Fellowships: Graduate School Fellowship, Baylor University; Outstanding History Student, University of Central Arkansas (2014-2015).
Review of Biblia Americana, Volume 4: Ezra–Psalms, edited by Harry Clark Maddux (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Academic, 2015). Early American Literature (Summer 2016).
Miscellaneous: While earning a Masters I worked as Graduate Assistant at the University of Central Arkansas, and I currently have the privilege of serving as Graduate Fellow with the Academy for Teaching and Learning at Baylor University.