Lynneth J. Miller

Ph.D., 2018
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Advisor: Beth Allison Barr

Research Interests: My research explores the history of religion, gender, and dance, tracing continuities and changes in the relationship between Christianity and dance from the late medieval to modern periods. My dissertation, “Satan Danced in the Person of the Damsel”: Dance, Gender, and Sacrilege in England, 1280-1640, explores how dance changed from a gender-neutral act with the potential to be sacred or sinful to an exclusively transgressive act, almost always gendered female. This project demonstrates that it was the theological and ideological shifts of the medieval period, not of the Reformation, that defined dance as gendered and transgressive. Connecting women in sacred space to sacrilege at the same time that dance was tied to sacrilege strengthened the connections between dance and the female body, and dance became inextricably connected to illicit female sexuality.

Education: B.A. in History, Oklahoma Christian University (Edmond, OK); MLitt in Modern History, University of St. Andrews (St. Andrews, Scotland, UK)

Awards/Fellowships: Runner-Up (Second Place) for Best Graduate Paper for paper entitled “ In Her Dance She Had No Regard Unto God’: The Transformation of Salome in English Religious Texts,” Texas Medieval Association Conference (2016); Travel Award, Sixteenth Century Society Conference (2016); Travel Award, Mid-American Conference on British Studies (2016); 19CRS Outstanding Graduate Paper Award and the George P. Hammond Prize in the Phi Alpha Theta National Paper Prize Competition, both for "The Most Bohemian Priest in the History of the Church of England: Stewart Headlam, the Stage, and the Anglican Church" (2015); Excellence in Student Involvement Award, Baylor University (2015); Dr. Ernest L Ransome III Scholarship Recipient (2013); Clan Donald Educational and Charitable Trust Scholarship Recipient (2013); Phi Alpha Theta A.F. Zimmerman Scholarship Recipient (2013); The President's Medal Recipient, Oklahoma Christian University (2013); Outstanding History Graduate, Oklahoma Christian University (2013); Best History Senior Catalyst Project, Oklahoma Christian University (2013); Dean's Award, History Department, Oklahoma Christian University (2012)

“Enthrallingly Exotic: Victoria and Liliuokalani.” Oklahoma Christian University Journal of Historical Studies. Volume 21 (Spring 2013): 90-121.
“Judith: The Old English Poem as Representative of the Religious Culture of the Poet.” ScissorTale Review (Winter 2013: The Language and Linguistics Student Conference): 105-119.
“A Convoluted Affair: Great Britain and Schleswig-Holstein, 1848 and 1864.” Oklahoma Christian University Journal of Historical Studies. Volume 20 (Spring 2012): 85-102.
“John Calvin and the Theater: Divine and Earthly.” Oklahoma Christian University Journal of Historical Studies. Volume 19 (Spring 2011).
“Pope Gregory the Great and Sardinia.” Oklahoma Christian University Journal of Historical Studies. Volume 18 (Spring 2010).

Miscellaneous: Leadership Committee, Medieval and Renaissance Research Seminar, Baylor University, 2015-2017; Academic Committee Chair, Graduate Student Association, Baylor University, 2015-2016; Mentor, Graduate-Undergraduate Mentorship Program, Baylor University, 2014-2017; Member, Library Information Technology Services Committee, Baylor University, 2014-2017.