Past Women's History Month Lectures

Cathleen Cahill, University of New Mexico, 2017: "Who Fought for Women's Suffrage? A More Diverse View"

Alicia Decker, Pennsylvania State University, 2016: "Gender and the Politics of Invisibility: Making Historical Sense of Enforced Disappearance in Post-Colonial Uganda"

Rebecca Sharpless, Texas Christian University, 2015: "Baylor's First Female Students: Sallie McNeill and Educated Texas Women"

Katherine French, University of Michigan, 2014: "Church-keeping and Housekeeping; the Spaces of Women's Piety in Late Medieval London"

Leslie Peirce, New York University, 2013: "Talking Back- Finding Female Voices in the Early Modern Ottoman World"

Catherine A. Brekus, Associate Professor of the History of Christianity in the School of Divinity at the University of Chicago, 2012: "Women, Religion, and Agency: Some Reflections on Writing American Women's Religious"

Susan Hartmann, 2010: "Women and the Transformation of American Politics"

Baroness Knight of Collingtree, 2009: "A Woman in the House of Commons Who Escaped to the House of Lords"

Wilma Mankiller, 2008: "The Changing Role of Indigenous Women"

Professor Mary Welek Atwell, Department of Criminal Justice, Radford University, 2008: "Wretched Sisters: The Gendered Face of Capital Punishment"

Dr. Kathi Kern, University of Kentucky, 2007: "Sacred Politics: How Religious Debate Transformed the Women's Rights Movement in Nineteenth-Century America"

Constance B Schultz, University of South Carolina, 2006: "Virgins and Vamps: Images of American Women in Nineteenth-Century America"

William H. Chafe, Duke University, 2005: "Paradox of Change: Changing Gender Roles from 1920"

Catherine Clinton, Independent Scholar, 2004: "Slavery is War: Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad"

Linda Schott, University of Texas-San Antonio, 2003: "Florence Terry Griswold and the Pan American Round Table"

Patricia Sullivan, Harvard University, 2002: "Where were the Women?: Virginia Durr and the Civil Rights Movement"

Zoia Belyakova, University of Leningrad, 2001: "Russian Empresses"

Ellen Carol Dubois, University of California--Las Angeles, 2000: "Why Seneca Falls?"

Constance Curry, Human Services for the City of Atlanta, 1999: "Deep in Our Hearts: Women in the Freedom Movement"

Louis Haas, Duquesne University, 1998: "Medieval Women"

Faye Dudden, Union College, 1997: "Actresses and Audiences: Women an the American Theatre, 1790-1870"

Mary Beth Norton, Cornell University, 1996: "The Curious Incident of the Gossiping Ladies of New Haven"

Theresa Kainski, University of Wisconsin--Stevens Point, 1995: "Women in Early American History"