Admission Process

If you are interested in applying to the Doctoral STEM program in EXNS, as a first step, identify a faculty member with whom you share research interests (see Faculty Advisors) and discuss the possibility of them serving as your doctoral mentor. Make sure they are accepting students for the semester you would like to enroll.

Students are usually admitted to the fall semester each year. The Department will start reviewing applications for admission and Graduate Assistantships by the second week of January.

Admission Requirements
  • An equivalent of a Master’s degree in a related area of exercise physiology, nutrition, health, sports medicine, physical therapy, nursing, or medicine OR appropriate undergraduate degree work including coursework, laboratory, and practical experience that would suggest that the student could be successful in the program
  • An appropriate and acceptable score on the verbal and quantitative portions of the GRE (50th percentile in each section or combined)
  • Willingness of an applicant-identified mentor to supervise the applicant’s doctoral training