A thesis is optional for the academic specializations of Exercise Physiology and Sport Pedagogy. When elected, the thesis will carry a total of six semester hours. It is imperative that students selecting the thesis option contact the HHPR Graduate Program Director to begin this process.

Students will not be permitted to enroll for thesis hours until they have completed a minimum of 15 hours of graduate course work within their primary area of study within HHPR with at least a B average (GPA=3.0). Included in these hours are the required Research Methods and Statistics courses. Once students have enrolled for thesis credit, they must maintain continuous enrollment until the completion of the thesis. 

The thesis committee will consist of a minimum of three Baylor Graduate Faculty members - two committee members, including the chairperson, will be HHPR Graduate faculty and the third member will be a Baylor graduate faculty who is outside the HHPR Graduate Faculty. Students must give a formal proposal presentation to the thesis committee before conducting the research and committee chair must submit HHPR thesis/dissertation proposal form to the Graduate Program Director (Dr. Shim). Two weeks prior to the proposal presentation, a written proposal must be submitted to the thesis committee for a review. Upon completion of writing the thesis, the student must send a copy to the committee members for a review and the committee chair must submit the Announcement of Master’s Oral Examination (Thesis Defense) to the Graduate School 10 working days before thesis defense. Students must also notify the department of the date and time of thesis defense.  Upon completion of Oral Thesis Defense and obtaining approval signatures from the Thesis Committee members, the committee chair will submit the Result of Master’s Oral Examination to the Graduate School. 

Guidelines for Preparing the Dissertation and Thesis is the official handbook for all theses presented to the Baylor University Graduate School. The “Guidelines” handbook leads students through the administrative steps for completing the thesis and attempts to ensure that all theses completed at Baylor University present a similar appearance and meet all the standards of the Graduate School. The thesis must meet the Graduate School standards for format and appearance as outlined in the Baylor University Guidelines for Preparing the Dissertation and Thesis.  The thesis must also meet the format (see Thesis and Dissertation Proposal Form) required by HHPR.