Students - Step 1

The internship is designed to be a capstone experience in the department of HHPR to be completed in your junior or senior year. Please follow the steps to set up your internship. Please note that this process takes time and should be prepared one to two semesters prior to your internship semester.


Step 1:

Prepare a Resume and Cover Letter. CPD can help!

Self-enroll in Canvas HHPR Internship Preparation.

Find an agency and supervisor.
Think about the professional title you are pursuing and find a supervisor with that title. Your agency selection needs to be aligned with your professional goals (i.e. a pre-PT student should be interning with a physical therapist).

Treat this process as you would a job search or interview.

It's best if you go in-person and/or have a connection with the agency.

Dress professionally.

Be prepared to provide your resume, an Agency Information Sheet, and a Sample MOA.

You need verbal or written confirmation of your acceptance as an intern.
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