Lifetime Fitness--Activity Labs

For more information contact:

Dr. Mary Ann Jennings
Lifetime Fitness Program Coordinator
Department of HHPR
One Bear Place #97313
Waco, TX 76798-7313
(254) 710-4025

General Program Description

The purpose of the Division of Lifetime Fitness for nonmajor students is to provide health education, physical fitness education, and recreation education activities that will provide mental, physical, social, and leisure time preparation for lifetime fitness for all students.

Lifetime Fitness is an elective program consisting of lifetime fitness/sport/recreation activity labs. Courses carry a credit value of one semester hour, thus serving the requirement of a semester-by-semester experience at the University. A multi-credit activity lab from other universities will only fulfill one semester of the University requirement. Courses in Health, Human Performance, or Recreation not bearing the LF prefix may not be applied in any way to this University requirement.  (See the following section Course Offerings for a listing of the LF 1104-1199 courses that apply.) A maximum of four activity courses may be counted toward a degree.

A student may not repeat a numbered course, except LF 1104 Adaptive Physical Education, unless a grade of “D” or “F” was earned in that course. A student may not take a course at a lower level after passing the subject at a higher level (intermediate or advanced).

Variations from the University requirements for Lifetime Fitness activity courses exist.  In the instance where the requirement may be waived, the total number of hours required in a degree plan to graduate is not reduced; the waiver only applies to the requirement of taking an activity lab for that hour credit.  It is the responsibility of each student to ascertain from his or her Degree Plan Office if any of the following variations apply:

Age: This requirement may be waived for persons over 25 years of age at the time of matriculation to Baylor. If a person reaches age 25 subsequent to matriculation, the requirement stipulated in the degree plan must be completed.

Aerospace Studies and Military Science: Students in Aerospace Studies and Military Science who are required to take the respective Leadership Labs garner one credit hour per semester for a maximum of four semesters credit.

Marching Band: One hour of credit is granted each fall semester for those enrolled in marching band.  The number of credits that can substitute for an LF is determined by the Baylor School or College that administers the student’s current degree plan.

Athletes: All students participating in intercollegiate athletics may receive two semesters credit by enrolling and completing LF 1128 and LF 1129. The remaining credit, as specified by degree, must be taken from the available courses.

Military Veterans: Students who are military veterans will be exempted from one semester of activity for each 135 days of active duty. Students must submit a copy of DD Form 214 to the Program Director to be granted this exemption.

Adaptive Human Performance: No student is excused from Lifetime Fitness because of physical limitations. Prior to the beginning of each semester, students with disabilities must present to the Coordinator for LF 1104 Adaptive Physical Education a medical statement from a physician outlining the nature of the disability and recommendations for activity. An individualized rehabilitation program and/or academic-oriented program will be provided, as outlined by the attending physician.



Listed below are the Health and Lifetime Fitness courses that apply. Each course counts toward one semester of the University requirement. All courses are graded in accordance with established University policy. Students may elect to take any course on a pass/ fail basis, but this decision must be made at the time of registration or during the drop-add period. All business students must take Lifetime Fitness courses on a graded basis. Elementary education majors must register for PUBH 1145 on a graded basis. 

Lifetime Fitness Courses

The courses that apply to the activity requirement are as follows:

  • LF 1104 Adaptive LF (Departmental approval required)
  • LF 1106 Beginning Aerobics
  • LF 1107 Intermediate Aerobics
  • LF 1109 Swimmercize Aerobics
  • LF 1111 Aerobic Running
  • LF 1112 Backpacking and Camping
  • LF 1114 Beginning Badminton
  • LF 1115 Intermediate Badminton
  • LF 1117 Beginning Ballet
  • LF 1118 Intermediate Ballet
  • LF 1119 Advanced Ballet (Departmental approval required)
  • LF 1121 Beginning Bicycling
  • LF 1122 Intermediate Bicycling
  • LF 1123 Beginning Mountain Biking
  • LF 1124 Beginning Bowling
  • LF 1125 Intermediate Bowling
  • LF 1128 Varsity Sports Conditioning I (Departmental approval required)
  • LF 1129 Varsity Sports Conditioning II (Departmental approval required)
  • LF 1130 Social Dance
  • LF 1134 Fitness Theory and Practice
  • LF 1138 Beginning Golf
  • LF 1139 Intermediate Golf (Departmental approval required)
  • LF 1140 Advanced Golf (Departmental approval required)
  • LF 1147 Beginning Jazz Dance
  • LF 1148 Intermediate Jazz Dance
  • LF 1151 Beginning Martial Arts
  • LF 1152 Intermediate Martial Arts
  • LF 1153 Advanced Karate (Departmental approval required)
  • LF 1156 Beginning Racquetball
  • LF 1157 Intermediate Racquetball
  • LF 1158 Paddle Sports
  • LF 1159 Sailing and Canoeing
  • LF 1160 Beginning Rock Climbing
  • LF 1161 Intermediate Rock Climbing
  • LF 1163 Beginning Self Defense
  • LF 1168 Soccer
  • LF 1169 Intermediate Self Defense
  • LF 1170 Advanced Self Defense
  • LF 1171 Softball
  • LF 1175 Beginning Swimming
  • LF 1176 Intermediate Swimming
  • LF 1177 Advanced Swimming
  • LF 1178 Lifeguard Training (Departmental approval required)
  • LF 1179 Beginning Tai Chi
  • LF 1181 Beginning Tennis
  • LF 1182 Intermediate Tennis
  • LF 1183 Advanced Tennis
  • LF 1189 Volleyball
  • LF 1190 Multi-terrain Volleyball (Departmental approval required)
  • LF 1192 Weight Control
  • LF 1194 Beginning Weight Training
  • LF 1195 Intermediate Weight Training
  • LF 1197 Beginning Relaxation/Fitness
  • LF 1198 Intermediate Relaxation/Fitness (Departmental approval required)
  • LF 1199 Advanced Relaxation/Fitness (Departmental approval required)

NOTE: Lab Fees are required on the above LF 1101-1199.

Except for students in the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Business, the following course may be substituted for one of the activities listed above.

  • PUBH 1145 Health and Human Behavior
Otherwise, courses in Health, Human Performance, or Recreation carrying the prefix HP, HED, PUBH, and RLS may NOT be applied in any way to this University requirement.