Faculty Forms and Resources

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Travel-Related Forms and Information

Baylor University Travel Policies and Procedures

Baylor University Travel Forms

Grade-Related Forms and Information

*Incomplete Grade Justification Form

This form must be filled out when an incomplete “I” grade is recorded for a student in your class. All involved are expected to sign this form.

*Incomplete Extension

Research-Related Forms and Information

* Department Student & Faculty Research Guidelines

* Human Subjects

Recommended Procedures Within The HHPR Department For Pursuing Research Utilizing Human Subjects

* Faculty Resarch Assistant Request Form

* Research Assistant Log Form

* Research Assistant Evaluation Form

Faculty Evaluation

* Baylor 2012 Vision

* Faculty Guide to Scholarship in SOE (PDF)

* HHPR Vision Statement

* HHPR Promotion and Tenure Performance Criteria (PDF)

* SOE Annual Evaluation Form (PDF)

* SOE Projected Goals Form (PDF)

* SOE Standardized Curriculum Vita Form (PDF)


*Peer Teaching Evaluation Form

* SOE Consent and Disclosure Form for working with minors

* Employee Preliminary Injury/accident Report (PDF)

Must be filed within 24 hours of injury/accident at Campus Insurance Office

* Student Injury Report

* CAF Status