Masters Degree in Sport Pedagogy

For more information contact:

Dr. Glenn Miller
Department of HHPR
Graduate Sport Pedagogy Program Director
One Bear Place #97313
Waco, Tx 76798-7313
(254) 710-4001


This program prepares students for careers in teaching physical education and coaching. Students have also used this program to specialize in strength and conditioning as well as sport psychology.

The program also provides an option for students to obtain their teaching certification concurrently with their master's degree. Note that this is possible regardless of undergraduate degree area.

The Department of HHPR also offers a five-year joint BsEd/MS program in Sport Pedagogy.

Requirements for the 2 year Masters program

Statistics Core (6 hours)

HP 5379 Research Methods in HHPR

EDP 5334 Statistical Methods or STAT 5300 Statistical Methods

Emphasis Core (18 hours)

HP 5368 Motor Learning

HP 5335 Sport Pedagogy

HP 5354 Advanced Methods of Strength & Conditioning

HP 5370 Sport Psychology

HP 5377 Issues & Trends in Human Performance/Sport Management

HP 5384 Biomechanics

Restricted Electives with Advisory Approval (6 hours)

*HP 5334 Pedagogy and Physical Education

(* required for teaching certification.)

Other Requirements (6 hours)

*HP 5V90 Internship

*HP 5V94 Practicum or

*HP 5V99 Thesis

Comprehensive Exam


Course Sequence for Master's Degree in Sport Pedagogy

HP 5335 – Sport Pedagogy
HP 5354 – Advanced Methods of Strength & Conditioning
HP 5384 – Biomechanics


HP 5334 – Pedagogy & Physical Education or an Elective
HP 5368 – Motor Learning
HP 5379 – Research Methods


Summer 1
5377 – Issues and Trends in HP & Sport Management
EDP 5334 – Statistical Methods


Summer 2
HP 5370 – Sport Psychology
Elective (if one was not taken during Summer 1)


2nd Fall
HP 5V90 - Internship



Dr. Pete Grandjean
Professor, Strength & Conditioning, Exercise Physiology

Dr. Glenn Miller
Graduate Sport Pedagogy Program Coordinator
Professor, Pedagogy and Coaching

Dr. Joe Shim
Associate Professor, Biomechanics

Dr. Margaret Wooddy
Professor, Motor Learning & Development


Additional Information

For more specific information about this program, please contact Dr. Glenn Miller, Sport Pedagogy Program Coordinator. For general information about admissions to the graduate program, please contact Dr. Joe Shim, Graduate Program Director.