Masters Programs

General Description

The Masters of Science (MS) programs in the Department of HHPR prepare students for careers exercise physiologists, physical education specialists, and coaches. A six-hour core curriculum is required for each MS major. Students then specialize in one of three areas (see below).

The Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program in the Department of HHPR prepares students for careers in public and community health education. Course requirements in this major include core courses in public health and requirements specific to the specialization of community health education.

Opportunities for practicum, internship, and independent study experiences exist for all degree and specialization areas. Each student must successfully complete core and specialty course requirements, pass an oral or written comprehensive examination, and successfully complete a culminating experience which may consist of a thesis, internship, practicum, or research manuscript as outlined by the specific emphasis area. Additional requirements vary with the area of specialization (click below for more information):


Academic Admission Benchmarks

Admission into master’s degree programs within the Department of HHPR is competitive. While each individual’s applicant file and materials are viewed holistically, the academic benchmarks of an undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and GRE scores in the verbal and quantitative sections of a 50th percentile or higher are indicative of potential program success and full admission status.