Physical Education (All-Level / K-12)

For more information contact:

Dr. Margaret Wooddy
Physical Education Program Director
Department of HHPR
One Bear Place #97313
Waco, TX 76798-7313

General Program Description

The HHPR Department offers degree programs which satisfy the requirements for the Texas Teachers Certificate with one teaching field in Human Performance and another in an area selected by the student (all teaching fields must be selected from those approved by the Texas Education Agency). Programs offered by HHPR provide special preparation in Athletic Coaching, Athletic Training, All-Level (elementary and secondary certification), Health Education in combination with another field (other than Human Performance), Health Education as Specialization for the Elementary School Certificate, or Human Performance as Specialization for the Elementary School Certificate.

While teaching, especially at the public school level, is sometimes very difficult and frustrating it does offer one of the greatest opportunities for human service in the 21st Century. Pay scales are generally adequate but seldom much more than that. The real upside to teaching is that there are generally more jobs than there are teachers to fill them. It is unusual for the graduate with a teachers certificate to fail to find a job unless they are unreasonable selective or geographically bound. Most coaching positions pay commensurably more than classroom teaching and keep those interested close to athletics beyond playing days. A deep commitment to young people is essential for teaching and coaching success at the elementary and secondary levels.