All institutional technology purchases are received by Baylor's Installation Services team. Once the equipment is prepared according to university specifications, a member of the Installation Services team schedules an appointment to professionally install the new computer, printer, or peripheral.


Installation of new equipment during the months of April through November takes approximately 5 weeks (25 working days) from the time the order is placed with our approved vendors until the installation appointment is scheduled. From December through March, the approximate wait time is 4 weeks (20 working days). Due to the current global chip shortage and supply chain issues resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, orders from our vendors are taking substantially longer to fulfill. We ask for your patience during this very challenging season that is impacting everyone.


Under specific guidelines and procedures managed by Baylor ITS, computers and other equipment may be "redeployed" within a department or within another area of the university. Read the guidelines governing redeployment below.


Once a computer, printer, or other computing device cycles out of support, the department is notified and encouraged to replace the device. As part of the replacement process, Installation Services removes the equipment and moves it through Baylor's disposition processes.

To learn more about the guidelines and procedures Baylor ITS follows in the preparation and disposition of technology equipment, please review the following pages.


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