Submit Digital Signage Content

Recommendations for Submitted Content
While digital signs support many different file types, the best format to use when submitting content to other signs is JPEG. This will ensure compatibility with most campus signs. It is also recommended that content be created 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels tall (1080p). This will fill the screen on a typical high-definition television.

Approval Process
Files submitted for Digital Signage display are reviewed by the Digital Signage Support group for technical compatibility. Once a file has passed this review, it will be made available to Campus Sign Administrators for display on their signs.

Content Deployment
The Digital Signage Support group does not deploy content campus-wide. Instead, each Sign Administrator determines what content is displayed on their assigned signs. If you would like to request that your content be deployed to a specific sign, please contact the HELP desk to determine the appropriate Sign Administrator.


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