Faculty and Staff Instructions

Approving a Sponsorship Request

If you are hosting a guest at Baylor who requests access to the BU-GUEST wireless network, they will need your authorization. When you are prompted by an email from guestwifi@baylor.edu, visit guestwifi.baylor.edu/sponsor and log in with your Bear ID and password. Select the sponsorship request from the list that appears by clicking the check box and then select Approve. Your approval enables your guest’s access to BU-GUEST for two days.

Extending BU-GUEST Access

If your guest plans to stay longer than two days or would like to register more than one device on BU-GUEST, you can adjust their access at guestwifi.baylor.edu/sponsor. After you log in, select the Users tab. To give your guest more than two days of access to BU-GUEST, select their user name from the list of users, select the calendar icon next to the Expires Time field, select a new end date, then select Submit. To register an additional device, have your guest request access through the standard BU-GUEST login process on their device and respond to their sponsorship request. Do not use the Register New Device functionality as it could cause issues with the BU-GUEST system and prohibit the device from connecting.

Withdrawing Access

You can withdraw access to BU-GUEST for any person or device you authorize. Simply visit guestwifi.baylor.edu/sponsor and log in with your Bear ID and password. To revoke user access, select the Users tab, choose the appropriate check box, and then select Delete. Your guest will no longer have access to BU-GUEST. To remove a device from BU-GUEST, select the Devices tab, choose Approved from the Display drop down menu, select the check box next to the device you would like to remove, and then select either Deny or Delete. This device will no longer be able to access BU-GUEST.


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