Workstation Configuration Guidelines

Baylor ITS installs and supports a standard operating system and application configuration that is imaged onto each university-owned workstation. In addition, the university utilizes several applications that apply software updates designed to enhance the security and performance of Baylor's IT infrastructure. All Baylor-owned workstations are supported by Baylor ITS and must use the standard configuration for the purposes of security, optimization, and standardization of Baylor's technology resources.

Change Request

Changes in the form of additions or deletions to the standard or base-level software configuration may be requested by contacting HelpDesk+ at (254) 710-4357 or Any change must be shown to be in compliance with current University computer policies and guidelines, and must be tested by Baylor ITS for compatibility with existing Baylor-supported systems.  A change request must be approved by ITS Directors and Library and Academic Technology Services Directors, as appropriate.

Exemption Request

Faculty and staff may request an exemption from a system software policy or other standard computer settings by contacting HelpDesk+. Exemptions from the standard hardware and software configuration are rarely granted, but there are exceptional use cases where exemptions are accommodated while maintaining the integrity of Baylor's IT security.


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