Software Center

Software Center is a native Windows application that manages enterprise installations of applications, software updates, and Windows upgrades. A companion Software Center application for MacOS is deployed on all Baylor-owned faculty and staff computers.


To access Software Center on Windows, simply click the magnifying glass icon in the Windows toolbar and search for "Software Center." Launch the application when it appears. On MacOS systems, open the Launchpad application by either clicking the icon in the Apple Dock or using the "grab" gesture on the touch pad. Search Software Center at the top of Launchpad or simply locate the icon.

Support (A)

If you cannot locate the Software Center application or are attempting to install an application that is not displaying in the application, please contact HelpDesk+.


Moody Library (Garden Level)
1312 S. 3rd St, Waco, TX 76798

(254) 710-4357 (HELP)