SPSS® Statistics is a powerful statistical software platform. It delivers a robust set of features that lets your organization extract actionable insights from its data. SPSS assists in the analytical process with abilities in planning, data collection, data access, data management and preparation, analysis, reporting, and deployment. The easy-to-use intuitive interface enables users to better analyze and understand data. 

SPSS offers several systems, such as:

  • The SPSS System Viewer: An application for viewing and printing the files generated by the SPSS System. SPSS Advanced Models: Move beyond basic analysis to analyze complex relationships using powerful multivariate techniques.
  • SPSS Regression Models: More accurately predict behavior or events when you go beyond the assumptions of ordinary linear regression techniques.
  • SPSS Tables: Effectively summarize and communicate even the most complicated results in a presentation-ready tabular format when using a highly intuitive "drag-and-drop" interface.
  • AMOS: Easily perform structural equation modeling (SEM) to support your research and theories by extending standard multivariate analysis methods. Build attitudinal and behavioral models that more realistically reflect complex relationships, because any numeric variable, whether observed or latent, can be used to predict any other numeric variable.


SPSS and AMOS are available to all Baylor faculty, staff, and students. SPSS runs on both Windows and MacOS systems, while AMOS is only available for Windows. Faculty and staff can install SPSS and AMOS using the instructions found at this link. Students can download a copy of SPSS by selecting this link.

Support (B)

Contact HelpDesk+ for support installing SPSS and AMOS.

If SPSS gives an "Attempt to connect to a remote server failed inet: local computer" error when launching and you have entered the "Authorized User" license code, then check to make sure that 3rd party VPN software and 3rd party firewalls are either disconnected or set to allow SPSSengine.exe, stats.exe, java.exe and javaw.exe to execute. Visit this IBM SPSS support page for more information.


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