Microsoft Teams Calls

Welcome to Teams Calls! Microsoft Teams Calls is Baylor's primary voice communication network. Teams Calls enables you to receive and make telephone calls from within the Microsoft Teams app on your laptop, desktop, or mobile device. Teams Calls includes many standard telephone features (such as placing calls on hold and transferring them) in addition to the ability to consult with someone before transferring a call, setting hours of availability, delegating phone calls to a colleague while out of the office, live captioning, and receiving voicemails in your Outlook inbox.


Microsoft Teams Calls is available to all Baylor students, faculty, and staff. Baylor students can use Teams Calls to contact anyone within the Baylor community. Baylor faculty and staff who have been assigned a Baylor telephone number can use Teams Calls to contact people both within the Baylor community, nationally, and internationally.

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The following resources will help you get started with Microsoft Teams Calls:

New to Microsoft Teams? Learn more about this powerful productivity platform.

Some Common Questions About Teams Calls


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