Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams empowers collaborative work by bringing a host of resources together into one app. It features a robust video conferencing platform that allows screen sharing, custom backgrounds, chat, file sharing, and even "together" mode to make it appear that everyone is in the same room. Teams also offers a full-feature chat interface for one-to-one or group conversations and a voice call platform complete with voice mail.  Teams integrates with many Microsoft 365 applications and allows access to functionality from a growing list of third-party platforms through its own internal apps.

Looking for a Baylor-themed background for your Teams meetings? Click here to find a growing set of properly configured and branded images.


During Summer 2020, Microsoft hosted a series of Teams for Education training sessions. You can find all of this videos on this YouTube playlist, which is available at To jump to the video for each session, use the links below.

LinkedIn Learning also provides a comprehensive course on using Microsoft Teams.

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