Kaltura is an enterprise video solution for designed for education. The platform allows users to host and share video and audio content. Kaltura also offers recording solutions, such as Kaltura Capture for desktop recording and Kaltura Mediaspace Go for mobile recording. Kaltura offers integration with Canvas as well as their own public-facing hosting platform called Mediaspace. Any video uploaded to Kaltura is accessible by its owner both through Canvas and Mediaspace.

Video Retention Notice

Kaltura automatically creates multiple transcoded versions of each video to be compatible with the widest variety of playback devices. These extra transcoded versions of a video are automatically deleted two years after their last playback date -- leaving just the originally uploaded video in Kaltura storage. Four years after the last playback date, the original video is also automatically deleted. Long-term storage of videos that you do not anticipate will receive any views for a period of several years should be stored somewhere other than Kaltura.


Kaltura is available for use by Baylor faculty and staff through Canvas and Mediaspace.

Accessibility Information (VPAT)

Support (B)

For introductory information about Kaltura and access to additional support resources, visit this Library Guide about Kaltura.


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