Advanced Webex Features

The typical expected use for Webex on campus is a faculty or staff member creating and hosting a Webex meeting through Canvas, but there are a few other ways that Webex can be used. Below are a few of these options with guides containing detailed instructions and reference pictures.

Alternate Host Options

Webex meetings require a host to start the meeting. Generally, if you create a meeting, you will then be the meeting host when you connect through Canvas. However, there are two ways that you can allow another person to host a meeting on your behalf.

The first option is to add them as a teacher on your Canvas course that contains the Webex meeting they need to host. Once they are a teacher in the course, they will be able to view your created Webex meetings and substitute as host on your behalf when the meeting begins. Note that this also gives them all the privileges in your Canvas course that you have, so be sure you only do this for trusted users.

The second option is to find the Webex meeting’s host key in Canvas and then sharing the key with your substitute host. The substitute host will then connect to the meeting as a normal participant, but once the meeting loads, they can access a “Reclaim Host Role” option, enter the host key, and become the meeting host.

Your Personal Webex Room

All Webex users automatically have a personal room that they can access whenever needed. Your personal room functions like a normal Webex meeting, but it does not need to be scheduled and has a consistent URL based on your BearID for participants to join, though they can only join your room when you have already connected as the host.

Download Multiple Recordings

Recordings can be downloaded from within a Canvas course, but downloading multiple recordings quickly is easier if you go to Baylor's Webex site. From there, you can access a full list of your recordings, no matter what course was used to schedule the meetings, without seeing extra meetings that you didn't record.

Videoconferencing Room Systems

There are several dedicated videoconferencing spaces on campus with built-in room systems. These systems can connect to Webex meetings directly, without a computer involved, and thus the normal method of hosting through Canvas does not apply. You will instead need to retrieve two pieces of information from the Webex meeting ahead of time: the meeting number and the host key. Connecting to Webex meetings in these rooms is done through a Cisco touchpad. The touchpad controls the room camera and volume and allows access to other Webex features.

Webex Events

There are actually three types of Webex sessions. Webex Meetings are the traditional type of videoconference and thus the most commonly used. Webex Events are designed for more of a webinar-style videoconference, with one or just a few presenters and a high number of attendees who primarily only view the event with minimal interaction. Webex Events require more moderating than standard Webex Meetings, and thus it is recommended that you go through more specific training before using it.


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