Webex by Cisco

Webex by Cisco allows faculty and staff to schedule and host web-based videoconferencing directly via the web or through Canvas, along with through desktop and mobile apps, as well as Outlook. Students may participate in Webex meetings without an account, but they will not be permitted to schedule or host their own meetings.

Webex offers a synchronous, web-based, virtual classroom environment that includes two-way audio and video, text chat, application and desktop sharing, and session recording. Within Canvas courses, Webex may be used for study sessions, tutorials, office hours, group projects, guest lectures, and even full class sessions. Beyond the classroom, Webex may be used by faculty and staff to conduct meetings, give presentations, or host online webinars.


Faculty and staff can access Webex directly online at baylor.webex.com by using your Baylor email and then logging in with Duo.

For information on scheduling and hosting meetings via the web, see the Guides section below or visit the Webex Help Center's Getting Started page.

All faculty and staff who taught in the Spring 2020 semester during the initial COVID-19 remote teaching period have already been set up with Webex accounts. New and auxiliary faculty or staff members may need to request a Webex account. If you encounter an error signing in and need to request an account, you can do so here:

Webex through Canvas

Webex can also be used through a Canvas course using the Webex Education Connector. Instructions for enabling Webex in a Canvas course can be found here as well as in the Guides section below.

Scheduling a Webex meeting in your course allows your students to join the meeting through the course page. You can use Webex meetings for classes as well as office hours, both scheduled ahead of time and launched as needed. Your students will be able to view and join your created meetings in the Webex tab of your course directly through Canvas. Webex can be enabled in any pre-existing course, but if needed, you can also request a new course using the Demo Course Request Form

Webex through Outlook

Scheduling Webex Meetings through Outlook requires installing the Webex Productivity Tools. After the installation, relaunch Outlook and the Webex add-in will appear in the tools ribbon in Outlook. Additional instructions on scheduling meetings through Outlook can be found here: Schedule a Meeting through Outlook

Support (B)

These guides will help orient faculty and staff to Webex:

Webex Site Guides

Canvas Guides

Student and Participant Guides



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