Creating Zoom Meetings in Canvas

Instructors can create Zoom meetings within their course in Canvas. To do this, begin by going to your course within Canvas and finding the Zoom link in course navigation.

*NOTE: You must first Enable Zoom in Canvas.*

The Zoom dashboard will then open inside your Canvas course and you will see any already scheduled meetings listed here. 

Before scheduling a meeting, make sure your time zone is set properly at the top. You can click the pencil icon to change it if needed.

To begin scheduling a meeting, click on the 'Schedule a New Meeting' button.

On this page, enter the meeting details and adjust the meeting settings as needed.
Click 'Save' at the bottom of the page when finished.

You should then see a confirmation page with the meeting details and the meeting invitation link.

You can then return to your list of scheduled meetings by clicking on the 'Course Meetings' link in the upper left.


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