Accessible via baylor.zoom.us or within Canvas, Zoom offers Baylor students, faculty, and staff synchronous, web-based virtual meeting environments. Additional features include two-way audio and video, text chat, application and desktop sharing, breakout rooms, and session recording for up to 300 participants per session.


Zoom is available for use by Baylor faculty, staff, and students through Canvas and directly through Baylor's Zoom website baylor.zoom.us.

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Video Retention Notice

Zoom recordings are automatically deleted 180 days from the date of the meeting. Any recordings that are needed beyond 180 days must be downloaded manually and stored elsewhere outside of Zoom.

Before Using Zoom

Before setting up a Zoom meeting, please be aware of these important security measures.

  • Avoid using your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) to host meetings. Every Zoom user is assigned a Personal Meeting ID that appears on your user profile. Anyone who knows or can discover your PMI can jump into meetings that you host with this ID. At Baylor, we disabled the ability to initiate meetings using your PMI by default.
  • Keep your Meeting ID private. Every Zoom meeting has a 9-digit Meeting ID. If you share the Meeting ID on Twitter, Facebook, a web page, or other public media anyone will be able to attend your meeting.
  • Password protect your meetings. Zoom meetings created using your Baylor Zoom account will be password protected by default. Do not de-select this option and be sure to share the password privately with those you invite.
  • Use Zoom's Waiting Room feature. Waiting Rooms are enabled by default on our Zoom account. Meeting hosts must authorize attendees so that they can join a meeting. Guests in the Waiting Room will be marked as guests. Only allow people into the meeting that you invited.
  • Restrict Screen Sharing. The host has the ability to restrict screen sharing during the meeting. This is a good idea that prevents people in the meeting from accidentally sharing their screen. The host can enable screen sharing as needed for particular participants.
  • Lock the Meeting. Once all of your meeting attendees have arrived, you can lock the meeting to prevent anyone else from attending.
  • Suspend Participant Activities.  If your class is disrupted, hosts can instantly suspend the meeting to remove and report the offending party to prevent further disruption. Click the Security icon and select “Suspend Participant Activities” to halt all video, audio, in-meeting chat, annotation, screen sharing, and recording, and end Breakout Rooms.

For more information about Zoom security visit https://blog.zoom.us/best-practices-for-securing-your-virtual-classroom/

How to Use Zoom

To get started with Zoom, simply go to baylor.zoom.us and log in using your Baylor credentials. Zoom is accessible from almost any type of device. Here is a list of devices/platforms currently supported:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Telephone
  • H.323/SIP videoconferencing

Zoom recently launched an extensive Learning Center that provides courses designed for beginners and more advanced users. If you find video tutorials more useful, they may be accessed here. We have also included links to topic specific guides below.

Zoom Host Guides

Participant Guides

Zoom User Training Sessions

Using Zoom Within Canvas

If you have not used Zoom within Canvas before, you will need to enable Zoom in your course. Instructions for enabling Zoom in a Canvas course can be found here as well as in the link at the bottom of the page.

Scheduling a Zoom meeting in your Canvas course allows your students to join the meeting through the course page. Your students will be able to view and join your created meetings in the Zoom tab of your course, directly through Canvas.

Zoom Host Guides (Within Canvas)

Additional Features and Support

Zoom for Education Training

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