HelpDesk+ Loan Policy

RESERVATION TERMS - follow email notices and online reservation record.
All reservations will start and end at the specified times. All resources must be returned directly to HelpDesk+ staff and patrons must notify desk staff at conclusion of space reservations. Reservations may not be extended to preserve other patron reservations, and may be cancelled for no-shows. It is your responsibility to know open hours. Patrons with overdue equipment will have their privileges temporarily suspended, until equipment is returned. Abuse of the reservation terms could result in lost privileges.

PHOTO ID CARD USE - use only your own photo ID card.
Patrons may only use equipment and spaces by presenting their own photo ID card. No patron of this program may use another individual's identity to use any equipment or spaces.

OVERDUE FEES - fees apply for equipment not returned by the due date.
You will incur a fee for each calendar day equipment is kept past the due date. Daily fees are $10 for major items, $5 for peripherals and adapters, and $1 for all other accessories. Patrons with fees over $40 will have their privileges temporarily suspended, until fees are paid. Regardless of any fees, all items must be returned. [NOTES: one week following the due date, you will incur additional charges for unreturned items. Faculty & Staff may have an alternative fee process.]

DAMAGE FEES - you will be charged for damages you cause.
Patrons of this program will be held responsible for any operational or cosmetic damages that occur to our equipment or spaces during your use. A minimum of $50 will be charged for new damages caused to major equipment or spaces.

THEFT & LOSS - you are responsible for items in your care.
Patrons will be held responsible, up to replacement cost plus expenses, for the theft or loss of any equipment checked out to them. HelpDesk+ equipment in a patron's care should never be left unattended. This includes leaving equipment at HelpDesk+ while unattended. Patrons must keep track of all equipment checked out under their name.
Patrons may be held accountable for theft of equipment fraudulently checked out with their stolen Baylor ID card. Every student should carefully protect their Baylor ID card from theft or loss. Lost cards should be deactivated at:


[updated 2022-01-12]


Moody Library (Garden Level)
1312 S. 3rd St, Waco, TX 76798

(254) 710-4357 (HELP)