RX Coupons

Let us help you save money with the best manufacturer savings coupons. If you have other medications with coupons, please bring in your coupon at pick up and we can apply where applicable.

Currently coupons may be available for the following prescription items:

A     Aimovig, Ajovy

B     Basaglar

E     EmgalityEpiduo Forte, Eucrisa

G     GoodRX

J      Janumet, Januvia, Jardiance

L     Lo Loestrin Fe

N     Nurtec ODT

M     Mydayis, Myrbetriq

O     Ozempic

Q     QVAR

S     Slynd

T     Taytulla, Trelegy, Trintellix, Trokendi XR, Trulicity

V     Vascepa, Vraylar, Vyvanse

X     Xarelto, Xofluza




If you are prescribed one or more of the above medications, please ask for assistance on obtaining these valuable coupons.

Check back frequently for new savings coupons.

Not eligible with Government insured programs (Medicare, Medicaid, Military, VA, State).

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