Insurance and Referral Tips

Baylor University Health Center is dedicated to the provision of quality health care in a university setting. Our goal is to use health education and medical treatment to enhance student’s ability to achieve their academic goals and to lead healthy and productive lives.

Baylor Health Center has the capacity to file insurance claims on the student’s behalf whether your plan is in-network or out-of-network. From time to time, a referral from the Health Center to a medical specialist is recommended by our physicians. Medical staff will review the referral procedure with students at the time a referral is recommended. To accomplish referrals in a timely and efficient manner, it will be helpful to gather the information ahead of time.

  1. Review your insurance coverage.
  2. Have your insurance card/or copy of your insurance card (both sides).
  3. Check the list of Baylor University Health Center in-network insurance providers.
  4. Check to see if your insurance plan has specialty providers in Waco. If a referral is needed the Health Center staff will attempt to refer to an in-network provider.
  5. Check to see if a referral to a specialist needs to be made by the Primary Care Provider.
  6. Consider selecting a Primary Care Provider (PCP) at the Baylor University Health Center.
  7. Contact your Insurance Carrier regarding benefits if you have an HMO product.

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