ADHD Policy

Should you need to see a doctor at the Baylor Health Center for your ADHD prescriptions, please see the information below.

Baylor University Health Services strives to achieve the highest level of health care for our Baylor University students. With that in mind, we would like to make our policies regarding medical treatment of patients with attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD) clear and available.

In the interest of continuity of health care, it is best to maintain close follow-up and receive medication from your doctor at home. We are able to check blood pressure, pulse and weight and send those measurements monthly to your physician if that is something that is needed.

If you are unable to get prescriptions from your doctor at home, you must first have records of testing sent to the Health Center (FAX 254-710-2499). The testing must include complete psychological/educational testing (including screening for depression, anxiety and learning disabilities)and an assessment by a psychologist. If surveys are used in the evaluation, they must be filled out by a teacher or parent as well as the patient. Patient-only surveys and those filled out by friends and/or siblings are not acceptable.

After the Health Center receives the records, they will be reviewed by the Medical Director. If they are adequate, the student will be contacted to make an appointment. If they are unacceptable, the student will be contacted and told to either have testing done (places and numbers available to do testing will be given) or see a physician in the community.

The student, once adequate testing is received, will have an appointment to review our policies and sign a contract with Baylor University Health Center. It is important to note that anyone receiving ADHD medications here in the Health Center may be asked to submit to a urine drug screen at any time during treatment.

Good News!

Our pharmacy recently applied for and was granted permission to fill out-of state prescriptions for ADHD medications. This means you will not need to transfer records, get an appointment, and see someone here monthly, if your home doctor will give you prescriptions for your medication.

The first time you go through the process in the pharmacy, it will need to be done at a time when your doctor's office is open. The pharmacy has to call and speak to the doctor and get a signature from their office.

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