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Services Available

General Services: Students have access to the Baylor University Health Center for diagnosis and treatment of injuries and illnesses.

Psychiatry Services: Students have access to a Psychiatrist and a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner for diagnosis and treatment of mental health illnesses.

(Please note we do not provide counseling services within the Health Center. For the Counseling Center call 254-710-2467 or click here)

Support/Comfort Animals:  The only animals allowed in the Health Center are service animals that are required because of a medical disability.  Comfort animals are not included and will not be allowed in patient treatment areas.  Letters for support/comfort animals are not available at the Health Center.

Lab Services: Baylor University Health Services uses Clinical Pathology Lab (CPL) for laboratory services. Please ensure that they are in network with your insurance. CPL bills insurance and patients directly.

Appointments: You may make an appointment Monday thru Friday from 8 AM - 5 PM by calling 710-1010 or by logging onto My Health after 6 PM for urgent care web appointments for the next day. Summer hours are modified, so call to confirm availability. You must present an ID Card at check in.

Transportation: Students must acquire their own transportation to the medical clinic by personal vehicle. Students requiring ambulance service to a local hospital are responsible for the expense. The Health Center staff can arrange for this service. Health Center physicians do not make house calls.

Referrals: Students are referred to community professionals or facilities for services unavailable at the Health Center. Students are responsible for any charges incurred. Such referrals would include, but are not limited to:


1. Specialist consultation
2. Tests
3. X-ray
4. Some Laboratory
5. Emergency/acute patient care
6. Dental care


Charged Services

For More Information on billed services click here.

Collection of specimens for chain of custody will be assessed a $20 fee.

Inpatient Services of more than four hours are not provided at Baylor. Students should feel free to enter the clinic for any health matter.



ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A COMPLETE HEALTH FORM ON FILE AT THE HEALTH CENTER. This record is used when students are treated at the Clinic.

Undergraduate, Graduate, Law and Seminary students are eligible for services at the Health Center while registered in the current session.

Dependents and/or spouses of Baylor Students are not eligible for services at the Health Center.


Updated 5/5/2017

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