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The Golden Girls are the twirlers for the Golden Wave Marching Band.

Auditions are closed for the 2021-2022 season, however, check below for information on how to join next year!


Tryout eligibility is limited to students enrolled at Baylor or incoming freshmen who have already been accepted for admittance to Baylor University for the fall semester. Proficiency on a musical instrument is not a prerequisite. Our recent tradition is to have a 4-person Golden Girl squad but the number of positions may be flexible. 

Positions are filled based on quality with a high standard of excellence.

We seek twirlers with well-developed technique who can adapt their skills to a variety of musical styles and perform their routines within the rhythmic foundation of the music. Successful routines will incorporate vertical/horizontal one and two turns, toss illusion, toss cartwheel, two-baton work, and the basic three-baton juggles.

The current Golden Girls for 2021-2022 are:

  • Josie D'Acquisto - Redding, CA (Freshman; Pre-Engineering Major)
  • Mallory Keynier - Fairhope, AL (Freshman; Health, Kinesiology, and Leisure Studies Major)
  • Mallory Remm - Sussex, WI (Sophomore; Communication Sciences and Disorders Major)
  • Danielle Skinner - Section Leader - Regina, SK, Canada (Sophomore; Journalism Major)
  • For more information about our current Golden Girls, please visit their Facebook page ( or check out their Instagram (@BaylorGoldenGirls)

    Audition Process

    I. PRE-SCREENING - All candidates interested in auditioning for a Golden Girl position must provide the following information for a pre-screening review:

    II. INVITATION- After the completion of the PRE-SCREENING PROCESS by the Golden Girls Instructor and the directors of the band, an e-mail (and/or letter) will be sent to the candidates for an invitation to a live audition. Candidates are invited to the live audition based on the quality of their twirling but is also effected by the number of applicants, and the number of returning twirlers for the Golden Wave Band.

    Mail to the following address:
    Golden Girl / Feature Twirler Auditions
    Golden Wave Band, c/o Lynn Dell Harrell
    1710 Sullivan
    Pflugerville, TX 78660

    You will receive a confirmation letter, e-mail or phone call shortly after we have received your materials. If you have submitted your materials and you have not received communication from the band office within one week of submission, please e-mail or call us to assure the packet has arrived.

    The Golden Girl Auditions will be held in 2021, the precise time TBD

    • Send an e-mail to the Golden Girl Instructor, Mrs. Lynn Dell Harrell explaining your interest in auditioning to become a Golden Girl at Baylor University
      Send audition materials to: Lynn Dell Harrell || 1710 Sullivan || Pflugerville, TX 78660 or email the requested (preferred method) information to: Lynn Dell Harrell and Isaiah Odajima.
    • The packet of information must include a video recording of a live performance, 1.5-2 minutes uncut/unedited, preferably uploaded to a website such as YouTube. We recommend video showing two and three baton routines included in the submission. Submission of non-performance video footage may also be included but is not required (compilation video).
    • The packet must include a twirling resume listing experiences, instructors with whom you have studied, competitions, awards, picture, etc.
    • The packet must include three confidential letters of recommendation; one should be from your current band director.
    • The packet should also include a one-page letter explaining why you would like to be a Golden Girl.

[UPDATED JUNE 2021 - ALL GOLDEN GIRL POSITIONS HAVE BEEN FILLED FOR THE 2021 SEASON. Please check back with us in late Fall for the 2022 season audition info]

  • Please Note:
    No one will be allowed to audition without completing the above requirements and successfully having been admitted to or enrolled at Baylor University.

    For more information, please contact the Director of the Golden Wave Band, Dr. Isaiah Odajima, or the Instructor, Lynn Dell Harrell, for more information.


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