Join the Band

  1. APPLY

    to Baylor University (and get accepted!). If you plan to major in Music, apply to the School of Music.

    the Golden Wave Band Interest Form. All students who are interested in joining the band need to fill out this form. It generates an e-mail to the Directors and adds your name to our database. We can send you updates on auditions and other important information.

    one of Baylor's two-day New Student Orientation Sessions during the month of June. Visit the Golden Wave Band Information Table on the first day during the Campus Connections/Dr. Pepper Hour (2:30 - 3:30 PM in Conference Room 250 of the Paul L. Foster Campus for Business & Innovation). NOTE: All music majors are required to visit the table on this day to schedule their meeting with Dr. Odajima or Mr. Dailey.

    Details regarding the auditions can be found here: Woodwinds & Brass, Drumline, Color Guard, and Golden Girls.

    If you are a music major, your acceptance into the School of Music serves as your audition for the Golden Wave Band unless you wish to participate in the Drumline or the Color Guard, in which case you will need to audition for those sections. 

    If you are interested in scholarships, please go to our Scholarships page for further information.

    IF YOU ARE/WERE UNABLE TO ATTEND A NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION or YOUR ORIENTATION HAS PASSED AND YOU DIDN'T HAVE A CHANCE TO AUDITION, YOU CAN STILL JOIN! You will need to either schedule an on-campus audition at a separate time or send (via e-mail preferred) a recorded audition in video format. We request all alternate on-site auditions or recorded auditions be completed or sent to the Directors by the middle of the first week of July. If you miss this deadline, please contact us (click here to email) immediately and we will work to get you in the group.


    You may register in one of two ways. If you are new to Baylor you will see an advisor on the second day or your summer orientation session in June. During this session you will plan your class schedule according to your major. Tell the advisor you wish to add marching band to your schedule (MUEN 1102). You may also visit BearWeb and add the class (MUEN 1102, section 1) to your schedule.

    Some students have small time conflicts in which a course overlaps with a small portion of rehearsal. This does not usually occur for incoming freshman. Students with small conflicts must contact the director for approval.

    Note: Your audition time may be scheduled during the second day of your orientation session, but after your advisement time for class schedule. If this is the case you may register for band even though you have not completed your audition.

    If you register for band (non-music majors) but did not schedule an audition during your orientation session, you will need to contact us ( immediately to schedule an audition or to turn in a recorded audition. Recorded auditions should be e-mailed to us in video format or you can send a link to where the file is stored (MAKE CERTAIN THE LINK WORKS AND NO PASSWORD IS REQUIRED). ALL NEW STUDENTS who are not music education or music performance majors MUST AUDITION FOR THE GOLDEN WAVE BAND.

    After you register for classes and receive your Bear ID and Password, your name will be added to our class database. You will have immediate access to all the online Golden Wave Band information (music, schedules, handbooks, etc.) located on Canvas.

  6. CHECK YOUR E-MAIL (Baylor)

    for communication in July. Starting in early July we will send e-mails to students who are registered for the class with details regarding the following: 1) the season schedule, 2) process for getting music, 3) pre-season online forms, and 4) information regarding early move-in and Band Week.

    PLEASE BE AWARE - WE SEND ALL COMMUNICATION TO STUDENTS VIA E-MAIL ONLY. Students must be registered for the class to receive our information. If by mid-July you have not received an e-mail communication from us, please let us know so we can ensure we have the correct contact information for you and so we can get you all the appropriate materials!

  7. COME TO "PRESEASON" (and Early Move-in).

    Preseason (Band Week) starts exactly one week before classes in the fall term. Early move-in for students using university housing occurs on that Monday, during the first morning of Preseason. For the 2019 season this date is Monday, August 19th from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. Further details regarding move-in and Preseason will be provided once you are enrolled in the Golden Wave Band. NOTE: Students that participate in Drum Corps activities during the summer MUST COMMUNICATE with Dr. Odajima prior to June 21st, 2019. Except for pre-approved circumstances, all students are expected to arrive for Preseason Week on Monday, August 19th.


Thank you for your interest in the Baylor University Golden Wave Band. We're excited about the possibility of providing you with more information regarding the marching band.

Please click HERE to be directed a new browser tab with our secure online form. The information you provide will NOT be given to anyone outside of the Golden Wave Band and will be held in the strictest confidence.

If you are searching for information such as the audition process for ensembles, how to get a scholarship, etc., please check on the tabs in the top navigation bar, as most of the information we can send you is already provided within the links of this website.

Thank you and Sic 'em Bears!