GSA History

Who is GSA?

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) at Baylor University was established as an official student organization in 1998 by new Dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Larry Lyon.

GSA is currently made up of representatives from all graduate programs. These include both masters and doctoral students from across the university. All representatives serve on one of five committees dedicated to academic, policy, service, and social needs of graduate students. These representatives elect leaders annually to help implement its yearly goals.

What does GSA do?

GSA serves all graduate students who are within Baylor’s Graduate School. Past initiatives have included successes with:

  • Parental leave policy (2010)
  • Creation of the GSA paradigm (2015)
  • Local and national advocacy on graduate student stipend taxation (2016)
  • Graduate student regent member (2017)
  • Mental health advisory group (2018)
  • Reduction of doctoral student fees (2019)

GSA also organizes the new graduate student orientation every fall and puts on events according to student needs. In collaboration with the Institute for Research and Testing, GSA sends out a survey to best understand what these needs are and communicate these issues to administration through annual reports. Past reports can be found here and here

How does GSA function?

GSA receives its budget from a variety of sources, including partnerships with the Graduate School, Baylor Libraries, and the Office of Student Life. Thanks to these strong partnerships, GSA also has the counsel of an Associate Dean of the Graduate School, who serves as advisor. Additionally, GSA meets regularly with the Baylor administration to collaborate on graduate student issues.