General Policies for Graduate Student Organizations

General Policies for Graduate Student Organizations

Baylor University values the rich opportunities for learning, service, spiritual formation, cultural understanding and leadership development that graduate student organizations provide. Consequently, the university empowers the Graduate Student Association to review and recommend for approval student organizations that are consistent with university’s mission and meet the requirements as noted within the registration process. A graduate student organization may not use University resources, including the University’s name, facilities, or technology services, to engage in activities contrary to or in support of causes that conflict with the University’s mission, values, and/or policies.



Every student organization is expected to have an up-to-date constitution and/or by-laws on file with GSA and to operate within their constitution and by-laws. These documents are required to contain:

  • Name of organization (and any national affiliation)
  • Concise statement of purpose, goals, direction, etc.
  • Clear definition of membership requirements  
  • List of officers, their duties, and requirements
  • Meetings and quorums to conduct business
  • Process for the assessment of dues and other finances
  • Amendments to the constitution
  • Advisors and roles
  • Judicial Process


To submit constitution amendments for review, the student organization should submit the following items to GSA:

  1. A revised constitution with signatures from the organization president and advisor
  2. A document highlighting the revisions made from the previous constitution.


Risk Management Policy: 

In accordance with Texas state law, GSA will attend a risk management program offered each semester by the Department of Student Activities in conjunction with Risk Management, Student Conduct Administration, and the Office of General Counsel. It will then disseminate learnings to graduate student groups. All Baylor University student organizations are required to send one or more officers and advisors to the mandatory risk management program specific to graduate student groups once every three years or in any year with constitutional edits. Due to the low level of risk involved in their activities, academic student organizations that meet all of the following criteria are exempt from attending this risk management program: 

  • Exist solely for honorary, achievement-based academic purposes 
  • Induct new members without hosting recruitment events or activities 
  • Host only induction ceremonies (and not any other events throughout the course of the semester)


Connect Software System:  

Baylor University graduate student organizations must contact the GSA leadership and the Department of Student Activities if wanting access to the Connect software system each academic year.