GSA Committees


Social Life Committee

The Social Life Committee organizes and plans events that encourage community among Baylor graduate students. This includes GSA's four largest events: Grads on the Water (in the summer), the Football Tailgate Mixer (in the fall), and the bi-annual Graduate Student Days at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market (once in the fall and spring semesters).


Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee seeks to invite graduate students into a community of compelling scholarship and research, prepare graduate students for enriching careers both inside and outside academia, and cultivate an interdepartmental culture of belonging and collegiality. The primary ways in which the Academic Committee currently seeks to meet these goals is through the 3-Minute Thesis Competition in the fall and the Graduate Student Research Showcase and Appreciation Picnic in the spring.


Policy Committee

The Policy Committee works to promote and improve Baylor University policy development and enhancement as they relate to graduate students and advocate for their unique needs. Some examples of previous successes include health insurance, parental leave, spousal and childcare benefits, and support for international graduate students. The Policy Committee also takes the lead in refining and applying GSA's Strategic Vision, originally known as the Paradigm Project.


Service Committee

The Service Committee seeks to create, facilitate, and promote opportunities for graduate students to serve fellow graduate students, the university, and the local community, thereby helping to foster a more rounded and holistic graduate student experience. Examples include the Graduate-Undergraduate Mentorship Program (GUMP). The Service Committee continually seeks to discover what service looks like at the graduate student level, and will work to facilitate new ways for graduate students to engage in philanthropic activities within the Baylor and Waco communities.


Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee seeks to cultivate a culture of belonging and collegiality and nourish personal wellbeing. The Diversity Committee connects with various groups on campus, such as those from minority backgrounds (i.e., racial/ethnic, religious), those with "non-traditional" situations (i.e., parents, online), or those who may require additional supports (i.e., international, food insecure) to understand their perspectives and needs. The Diversity Committee communicates the needs of a broad range of graduate students to the GSA leadership team, university administrators, and national representatives. The duties of the committee may include planning and hosting events, drafting organizational policies, advocacy, and working with other committees to ensure that all Baylor graduate students receive an excellent graduate student experience.


Graduate Intelligence Team

The Graduate Intelligence Team (GIT) was established in the Spring of 2021 to design, conduct, and analyze surveys for graduate students. This group works to analyze prior surveys conducted by GSA, refine the annual survey for the coming academic year, and discuss ways to improve the graduate student experience. They are GSA’s official data refiners and analysts.

Online Community Committee (coming Fall 2022)

The Online Community Committee seeks to provide opportunities for online graduate students to connect with one another and to bridge the disconnect between students' virtual world and Baylor's physical campus. The duties of the Online Community Committee should focus on establishing and representing the online and professional student voice on the GSA leadership team. Representation includes communicating the multiplicity of diverse needs of online students to the GSA leadership team, advocating for new or improved online student resources, and cultivating collegial relationships by hosting and crafting virtual and hybrid events and offering opportunities for in-person interactions, both on and off-campus.