GSA Grants

BEAR Grants

The Baylor Engagement and Recruitment (BEAR) Grants provide supplementary funding for departmental-level events for recruitment of new graduate students and promoting collegiality, scholarship, and community among current graduate students and faculty. All Baylor University graduate students and/or graduate student organizations may submit proposals. Grant submissions are due one month (4 weeks) before your proposed event.

Eligibility: All Baylor University graduate students and campus organizations may submit proposals.


  1. Download the GSA BEAR Grant submission form and email the completed form to
  2. Answer any questions or address any suggestions offered by the GSA Executive Cabinet.
  3. The GSA Executive Cabinet will vote on each request.
  4. Upon GSA Executive Cabinet approval, funding will be provided on a reimbursement basis (save all receipts!). Upon approval, the detailed reimbursement procedure and Ignite instructions will be sent to the applicant via e-mail.