Other Graduate Student Associations

Chemistry Graduate Student Association

The purpose of this organization is to promote the study and advocacy of chemistry graduate students, post-docs, faculty and undergraduates as well as the unity between these groups.
Chemistry Graduate Student Association Website

English Graduate Student Association

Baylor's English Graduate Student Association works to promote camaraderie among graduate students and to advance the professional interests of both M.A. and Ph.D. students. Perhaps foremost, as a liaison between graduate students and both English department faculty and University administration, EGSA serves as an advocate for the graduate student body. Membership in EGSA is open to all Baylor University graduate students in English.
EGSA Website

Graduate Association of School Psychology

To facilitate professional development and fellowship for graduate students and alumni of the School Psychology Program at Baylor. GASP strives to be involved in the local schools and surrounding communities while requiring academic excellence of its members.
GASP Website

Graduate Business Association

The purpose of this organization is to provide educational, networking and personal growth opportunities for graduate business students. It's designed to provide opportunities for students beyond what is traditionally offered in the classroom, such as social events, cultural events, student/faculty mixers, and contact with alumni.
GBA Website

Graduate Student Fellowship

The purpose of this organization is to provide fellowship and Bible Studies for all graduate students. Weekly Bible Studies take place at Bobo Spiritual Center every Friday from 4 pm to 5 pm.
For more information, please contact: Craig Nash or follow us on Twitter @BUSpiritualLife.

Baylor Kierkegaard Society

The Baylor Kierkegaard Society seeks to promote interest in and the academic study of Søren Kierkegaard among Baylor graduate students and faculty. Specifically, it hopes to increase communication between the Philosophy and Religion departments concerning the study of Kierkegaard and, thereby, to foster a spirit of collegiality between them.

The Society will hold one Kierkegaard-themed lecture each semester. They will be organized by two graduate student co-conveners, one representing Religion and one representing Philosophy. The lectures seek to be informal enough to allow for lively response or discussion by the attendees, while maintaining a scholarly focus that is conversant with broader academic issues in Kierkegaard studies. Feel free to extend the invitation to anyone not on the list who might be interested.

For more information, please contact: Will Williams or Nathan Carson.