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The Baylor University Graduate Student Association is a community that strives to enrich the quality of academic and social life for students of each graduate program of Baylor University as well as advocate the rights of these students and voice their concerns.


GSA believes an excellent graduate experience takes a holistic, integrative approach to graduate education that

  1. invites engagement in compelling scholarship and research
  2. facilitates enriching careers
  3. nourishes personal well-being
  4. cultivates a culture of belonging and collegiality.

Click HERE to download the 2018-2019 Graduate Student Handbook.

GSA GOALS 2018-2019

  • Understanding student needs
    The last graduate student survey was sent almost 2 years ago. We're committed to answering the question, "What are graduate students concerned about now?"
  • Communicating student needs
    After understanding graduate student needs, we want to communicate those needs to parties that can help address them.
  • Connecting students with existing resources
    Graduate students may not know what all is available to them. GSA can use its time to alert students to these lesser-known but crucial resources across campus.
  • Building Upon Social Experiences
    GSA wants to provide events that increase student-faculty and student-student interactions across campus


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