Course Requirements for Minor

Requirements for a Minor in Great Texts of the Western Tradition

Eighteen semester hours including the following:

A. At least one course from GTX 2301 or 2302

B. At least twelve semester hours of GTX at the 3000-4000 level.

Great Texts Elective Courses

GTX 1301: Introduction to Great Texts

GTX 3330: Great Texts by Women

GTX 3331: Great Texts of Christian Spirituality

GTX 3340: Master Works in Art

GTX 3341: Master Works in Drama

GTX 3343: Great Texts in the Origins of Science

GTX 3350: Great Texts in Leadership

GTX 3351: Great Texts in Business

GTX 4330: Dante and the Italian Renaissance

GTX 4331: Augustine and Aquinas

GTX 4340: Master Works in Music

GTX 4341: Great Works in Modern Science

GTX 4351: Confessions & Autobiography

GTX 4371: Epic and Romance in the High Middle Ages

GTX 4V99: Special Topics in Great Texts

Great Texts

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