How to Major or Minor in Great Texts

Great Texts is offered as a major and a minor. You do not need to fill out an application.

Majoring in Great Texts

  1. Select "Great Texts" as your major on your Baylor University application through your goBAYLOR account.
  2. If you already have submitted your Baylor application and selected "Undecided" or another major, but would like to switch to Great Texts, you may log into your goBAYLOR account and change your major.

Note: To major in Great Texts, you do not need to go through the Honors College. But if you happen to be applying to other programs in the Honors College, and are planning on majoring in Great Texts, you may want to submit an Honors College application and signify your intent to major or minor in Great Texts.

As you declare your major, you'll want to learn more about the major requirements.

Minoring in Great Texts

To declare Great Texts as a minor, login to the Honors College application and select "Great Texts" when asked to indicate the program(s) in the Honors College to which you would like to apply. After submitting the Honors College application, you will be asked to select whether you would like to add Great Texts as a major or minor. Your selection will be updated in Baylor's student information systems.


Please email us at if you have any questions on changing your major or minor to GTX.

Great Texts

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