Junius Johnson

Assistant Professor of Historical Theology

Johnson1 Brooks College 158
Tel: (254) 710-7582
Email: Junius_Johnson@baylor.edu

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  • Ph.D., Yale University
  • M.A., Yale University
  • B.A., Oral Roberts University


  • Systematic Theology
  • Historical Theology (medieval)
  • Philosophical theology

Research Interests

Christology, Trinitarian Theology, Eucharistic Theology, Metaphysics, Aesthetics and Beauty, Hans Urs von Balthasar, Bonaventure

Selected Publications


1. Christ and Analogy: The Christocentric Metaphysics of Hans Urs von Balthasar (Augsburg Fortress Press, 2013).

2. Patristic and Medieval Atonement Theory: A Guide to Research. Illuminations: Guides to Research in Religion (Lanham, MA: Rowman and Littlefield, 2016).

3. Bonaventure On The Eucharist: Commentary on the Sentences, Book IV, dist. 8-13, Dallas Medieval Texts and Translations 23 (Louvain: Peeters Press, 2017).


“The Eucharistic Horizon of Bonaventure’s Christology: A Speculative Proposal” in Frater, Magister, Minister et Episcopus: The Works and Worlds of Saint Bonaventure. Timothy Johnson and Katherine Shelby, eds. St. Bonaventure, NY: Franciscan Institute Publications, 2020 (forthcoming).

"Body-less Vision: An Examination of the Incarnational Theology of Paradiso XXXI-XXXIII" in Dante’s Volume from Alpha to Omega: Inscriptions on the Poet’s Universe. Tempe, Ariz.: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2019 (forthcoming).

“The One and the Many in Bonaventure: Exemplarity Explained.” in J. Warren Smith, ed., “Plato Among the Christians.” Special Issue, Religions 7:12 (2016) (doi: 10.3390/rel7120144).

“Theological Word and Literary Flesh: Bonaventurean Cosmology and the Cosmic Trilogy of C.S. Lewis.” Literature and Theology 30:4 (2016), 426-38 (doi: 10.1093/litthe/frv024).

Work in Progress

The Father of Lights: A Theology of Beauty

A translation of the Eucharistic treatises of Radbertus and Ratramnus (9th century)

A series of monographs on Bonaventure