David Lyle Jeffrey

Distinguished Professor of Literature and Humanities

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Tel: (254) 710-3267
Email: David_Jeffrey@baylor.edu

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  • Ph.D., Princeton University
  • M.A., Princeton University
  • B.A., Wheaton College


  • Chaucer
  • Medieval Literature
  • The Bible as Literature

Research and Teaching

Jeffrey is known primarily as a medievalist and as a scholar of biblical tradition in Western Literature and art, but also as an editor, translator and generalist in the humanities.

Jeffrey teaches courses on medieval literature, the Bible as literature, medieval exegesis, biblical hermeneutics and literary theory, biblical tradition in the arts, art and biblical theology, literature and philosophy, aesthetics and, in other universities, he has taught also both biblical theology and literary theory.

Selected Publications


  • A Dictionary of Biblical Tradition in English Literature (1992; in Chinese translation, 2013)
  • Luke: a Theological Commentary (Brazos Press, 2012)
  • The King James Bible and the World it Made, with Gregory Maillet (Baylor University Press, 2011)
  • Christianity and Literature: Philosophical Foundations and Critical Practice (IVP, 2011)
  • Houses of the Interpreter: Reading Scripture, Reading Culture (2003)
  • People of the Book: Christian Identity and Literary Culture (1996; in Chinese translation, 2004)
  • The Anglo-Norman Lyric, a volume of medieval French poetry edited from the manuscripts and translated, co-authored by Brian J. Levy (1990, 2006)
  • The Law of Love: English Spirituality in the Age of Wyclif (1988, 2001)
  • English Spirituality in the Age of Wesley (1987, 1994, 2000)
  • Chaucer and Scriptural Tradition (1984)
  • The Early English Lyric and Franciscan Spirituality (1975)

Research Articles

  • �The Beauty of the Cross in Augustine�s Aesthetics,� Nova et Vetera 12.1 (2014).
  • �Dante and Chaucer on the Sermon on the Mount,� Journal for the Study of Christian Culture 29.1 (2013), 211-246 [in Chinese].
  • �Biblical Scholarship and Literary Criticism,� in M.A.R. Habib, The Cambridge History of Literary Criticism, Vol. 6 [c. 1830-1914] (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013), 602-622.
  • �Bible Translation and the Future of Spiritual Interpretation,� Modern Theology 28.4 (2012), 687-706.
  • �Meditation and Atonement in the Art of Marc Chagall,� Religion and the Arts 16.3 (2012), 211-230.
  • �Marxist and Christian: MacIntyre and the Postmodern University,� Nova et Vetera 9.4 (2011), 967-989.
  • �The Legacy of Paul in Literature,� in Stephen Westerholm, ed., The Blackwell Companion to Paul (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2011), 531-545.
  • �The Good and the Good Life: Confucius and Christ,� Proceedings of the first Nishan Forum on World Civilizations. 2 vols (Qu Fu: Nishan, 2010), 1. 870-895 [English and Chinese].
  • �God�s Patient stet: Richard Wilbur at 90,� First Things (June/July, 2011), 39-43.
  • �Courtly Love and Christian Marriage: Chr�tien de Troyes, Chaucer and the Court of Henry VIII,� Christianity and Literature 59.3 (2010), 515-530.
  • �Mimesis: Imitation and Desire in Art and Advertising,� Foreign Literatures Quarterly (Beijing: in Chinese) 110.2 (2009), 1-8.
  • �Literary Studies in a Post-theoretical Context,�) Foreign Literatures Quarterly (Beijing: in Chinese) 108.4 (2007), 30-37.

Work in Progress

Book on the role of art in the development of Christian doctrine, entitled Arts of the Holy.