Institutional Mark Implementation Guidelines

It is preferred that the mark be displayed in either the official Baylor colors or black and white.

If a 2-color mark is used, the colors must match the official green and gold colors Pantone Matching System (PMS) #560c for green and #1235c for gold. All marks must be reproduced from the official artwork.


Light backgrounds

On light backgrounds be sure there is sufficient contrast between the background and the wordmark (see examples).


Dark backgrounds

On a dark background, when the symbol is in full color (green and gold) the wordmark may be in white or gold. When the symbol is in one color the wordmark should be white (see examples).


Do NOT reverse the symbol

Do not reverse the symbol. The image of Pat Neff Hall (the building) and the inner-arch should always be lighter in value than the image of Judge Baylor (the statue), the sky and the outer-arch. When placed on a dark background the outside-arch acts as a bounding box and will blend in with the background color. (See above examples of correct usage.)


Reproducing the mark on different colored backgrounds

It is acceptable to use the marks with color backgrounds other than green, gold or black.

color-backgroud-2-color Using a 2-color mark on a color background

color-backgroud-1-color Using a 1-color (black and white) mark on a color background

color-backgroud-same-color A 1-color mark using the same color as the background and a 1-color mark using a darker value of the background color

Displaying the Institutional Mark on a colored material

When reproducing the mark on colored material or stock (like paper) with transparent ink the mark should be one-color. Light colored materials work best. The darker, more vibrant the material the more important it is to print in a dark ink, preferably black. Do not print on a stock that is too dark for the mark to be legible. (See examples below.)

colored-matererial Baylor Green (PMS#567u) or black ink works best when printing on a colored material. When printing on a colored material be cautious of the color you choose.

dark-colored-material When printing on a dark material be sure that the mark will appear clearly.