Vintage and Historic Marks

The Sailor Bear

The University’s sailor bear logo is for use only by student-run organizations and only on T-shirts ordered by student-run organizations, and paid for by student funds; however, this mark should not be used if the item(s) will be used primarily off campus.

  • No department or other official unit of the University may use this mark for any purpose.
  • Baylor funds are not to be spent on purchasing items with this mark, including those to be given to only students.
  • Commercial use request must be submitted through the Office of Trademark and Licensing.

Other Historic Marks

All other retired, historic marks – institutional and athletic are reserved for limited and commercial use. Requests for use must be submitted to the Office of Trademark and Licensing.


The Wordmark

The University wordmark, as a stand alone visual identity element, has been retired and incorporated into the Baylor Institutional Mark.