Athletic & Spirit Marks

Baylor University athletic identity elements - or “spirit” marks - are for use by the University’s Athletic Department and University-sanctioned sports, spirit and student organizations, and by University units using the mark strictly for spirit activities. Baylor University’s athletic spirit marks include the Baylor spirit wordmark and these secondary marks the interlocking BU, the bear head and the bear paw.

The Baylor spirit wordmark is the primary identity mark for Baylor Athletics. All official athletic materials of any kind must use the primary mark. The interlocking BU (note: a side-by-side “B” and “U” - “BU” - does not constitute an approved graphic/mark), the Bear Head and the Bear Paw may be used as secondary marks in addition to the primary mark. Secondary marks may be used on uniforms in addition to the primary mark. Baylor Green PMS #560c and Championship Gold PMS #1235c are the official University colors. The Baylor Athletic Director may approve the color Vegas Gold for varsity sport uniforms.

The notched letters used in the Baylor spirit wordmark may NOT be used for any other purpose. No other words or letters using the notched BAYLOR characters may be used. The only exception is the use of notched letters in the word BEARS and is restricted to signage in University athletic facilities.

While the spirit marks may be sized appropriately for the specific use, the proportions of their individual elements must not be altered. They must be displayed in designated official colors — either black and white or Baylor Green PMS #560c and Championship Gold PMS #1235c. All marks must be reproduced from the official artwork.

Baylor Athletics Spirit Wordmarks


Baylor Athletic Secondary Spirit Marks

The Bear Head may be used in graphically enhanced ways with the approval of the Office of Trademark and Licensing and Division of Marketing and Communications.

buInterlocking BU
athletics-buInterlocking BU
bear-headBear Head
bear-clawBear Paw or Claw

Approved Baylor Athletic Spirit Marks setups