Graphic Standards

Baylor's visual identity reflects the qualities that make the University distinctive, and it conveys this 'brand' to the world. The promise of academic excellence, Christian commitment, and development and growth within a caring community ' these and other attributes of the University are underscored in a meaningful way for thousands of people around the world when they see the University Institutional Mark and other Baylor visual identity elements and colors. Great universities extend and protect their distinctive identities as a pragmatic business imperative and a tangible link between administrations, faculties, and students of the past, present, and future.

Consistent and coordinated use of Baylor University visual identity elements, regardless of the medium, is important for maintaining the University brand. All University departments and University-sanctioned organizations should use Baylor's visual identity elements for formal and informal communications, advertising, and promotional purposes in accordance with the guidelines presented in the Graphic Standards guide. A strong and consistent visual identity helps shape the way key constituents view Baylor, now and in the future.

Institutional Marks

This is the official mark for the University.

Athletic & Spirit Marks

Spirit marks are for use by Athletics when communicating with either internal or external audiences and by groups or organizations within the university to use strictly for spirit applications.

Special Use Marks

The marks described in this section are reserved for special uses ONLY.