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Admissions Process

  • Applicants will apply by the Physical Therapy Centralized Application System ( Verified applications will be evaluated by the admissions committee based upon the recommended and required academic entry standards published on the program website. The committee reserves the authority to waive any academic entry criteria based upon the overall applicant record and potential. The admissions committee consists of faculty members and supporting staff.

  • The committee will recommend and conduct interviews, by phone or other means, for a select group of qualified applicants.

  • The service branch designations of unaffiliated, direct accession, applicants will be determined by applicant preference, seat availability, and committee recommendations.

  • The admissions committee can award conditional selection based upon an applicant’s academic record and potential to become a military physical therapist.

  • All unaffiliated, direct accession applicants must meet military entrance requirements of the designated service branch. Applicants who do not meet military fitness requirements, pass a security background check, or who are found to be unfit for service as an officer will be found not eligible for the program and not enrolled.

  • All affiliated, active duty, guard, or reserve (officer or enlisted) personnel will remain designated within their originating branch, unless the panel recommends transfer from one branch to another.

  • Branch selection of Army officers for the DPT Program into the U.S. Army Medical Specialist Corps will be made by a board of officers conducted at HQ USAREC. Selection boards will be held once annually, usually in February. Branch selection of USAF officers will be made in accordance with USAF Biomedical Sciences Corps and Air Force Personnel Command Policies for final selection. Branch selection for Navy Medical Service Corps officers will be made in accordance with US Navy Bureau of Personnel.

  • Applicants will work with military recruiting personnel and Human Resources Command to receive military orders to conduct a permanent change of station move to Fort Sam Houston, TX to begin the program.

  • Civilian, direct accession, and previous enlisted selectees into the U.S. Army will conduct initial entry training, first at the 4-week AMEDD Direct Commission Course held at Ft. Sill, OK, then at the 3-month Basic Officer Leader Course held at Fort Sam Houston, TX, prior to beginning DPT Orientation in December.

  • Civilian, direct accession, and previous enlisted selectees into the U.S. Navy will conduct initial entry training at Naval Officer Development School, Newport, RI in the 3 months prior to beginning DPT Orientation.

  • Civilian, direct accession, and previous enlisted selectees into the U.S. Air Force will attend the 5-week Commissioned Officer Training prior to reporting to Fort Sam Houston for DPT Orientation.

  • Prior service officers selected into the program will conduct a permanent change of station to Fort Sam Houston and likely be held in a “snowbird” status during the August-December timeframe prior to DPT Orientation.

  • DPT Orientation brings all members of the incoming class together and establishes all policies and procedures.

  • The official start of the DPT program is on the first business day of January each year.