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Prospective Applicant Q&A Sessions

These sessions are conducted via online conferencing. The intent of this event is to answer everyone's questions before concluding the session. This activity includes 15 minutes of interaction with a current student(s), 25 minutes focused on admissions, and 20 minutes dedicated to military and professional expectations. Sessions begin at 12:00 PM CST and last approximately an hour. However, if you have individual questions that pertain to your personal situation, we will engage with you after the main Q&A session concludes.

2023 Q&A Sessions Schedule

30 March 2023 - Slots Available
27 April 2023 - Slots Available
25 May 2023 - Slots Available
29 June 2023 - Slots Available
27 July 2023 - Slots Available
31 August 2023 - Slots Available
28 September 2023 - Slots Available

To sign up for a session, email us at "Information Brief Request"".