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DPT Application Process

2016-2017 Admissions Cycle

Congratulations to those selected for the Class of 2020!

2017-2018 Admissions Cycle

  • PTCAS will be accessible from 29 June 2017 and all documentation must be submitted by 2 October 2017
  • Interviews will be conducted from the 2nd October until the 15th of November 2017
  • Military Recruiting processing will be conducted from the 16th of November 2017 until reporting for school in Aug 2018
  • Offers will be sent out by the applicant's recruiter in early March of 2018
  • Applicants continue to work with thier recruiter to ensure all requirements are met to enter the military
  • Students report in August 2018
  • Class starts January 2019
    If you have questions on the timeline of events, please contact us @ Army Baylor DPT Program

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