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Application Timelines

Annual Admissions Cycle

The admissions process is an 18 month process due to the military entrance requirements.

  • PTCAS Opens: 01 July
  • PTCAS Deadline: 15 September
  • Interviews: 15 September - 15 November
  • Recruiting Part I: 16 November - March
  • Program Offers: April (early)
  • Recruiting Part II: April - August: Applicants continue working with recruiters to meet military entrance requirements
  • New Army Officer Report Date: August (Generally the 3rd Monday)
  • ROTC Cadets Report Date: September (Generally the 3rd Monday)
  • Prior Service Officer Report Date: 1 November
  • Class Start Date: January
    If you have questions on the timeline of events, please contact us @ Army Baylor DPT Program


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