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Active Duty Army Applicants

Army Physical Therapist

Your Points of Contact are:
Kersey: LTC Elizabeth Painter @
(210) 221-6457

JODC: SFC Brad Pickel @

Send your DA Form 3838 to: SSG Kelvin Bailey @

Course Specific Information:
1. COL Douglas A. Kersey Advanced Clinical & Operational Practice (ACOP): The target audience for this course is Physical Therapists (AD, Guard, Reserve, and IMA) with at least 2 years in service, physical therapists hard tasked to deploy or anticipating orders to a single therapist position, physical therapists returning to practice from career-broadening assignments, and physical therapists who have not attended the Kersey Course within the past 5 years.

2. Joint Operational Deployment Course (JODC): The target audience for this course is physical therapist (AD and Reserve) assigned to an operational platform or targeted for an upcoming deployment.

Application Process:
Active Duty Physical Therapist: Obtain local approval through Chief and then coordinate your desire to attend the course by sending a DA Form 3838 (Example DA3838) to SSG Kelvin Bailey at the email above.