Clinical Education

The faculty of the Army-Baylor University Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy believes Clinical education is the method through which students are provided with clinically based, pre-planned learning activities. This clinical education should require analytical thinking, problem solving, treatment design, and application on actual patients to insure that the student is able to function at the professional entry level. It is considered an integral part of the curriculum.

Army-Baylor students conduct their first 8-week clinical affiliation in the Fall of their first year of the program. The affiliation follows the second semester and is typically of an orthopedic emphasis. Upon completion of the didactic phase of instruction our students engage in a 12-month clinical internship at a select number of internship sites in the Joint Base San Antonio Area, San Diego, and at Ft Hood, TX.

The clinical education pages on this site are intended to provide resources to our clinical faculty and students to help make the most of the clinical affiliation and internship. Please feel free to contact the Director of Clinical Education, Dr Todd Sander, if you have any comments or questions.